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Whether you are looking for a fabulous gift or a curated box of delicious cheeses and accompaniments to enjoy, the Sweet Freedom Monthly Cheese Club is perfect for the cheese lovers in your life (including you)!


Each month's box will include a selection of 3 (or more!) cheeses specially chosen by our cheesemongers, as well as fun and perfectly paired accompaniments. Our Monthly Cheese Club will include select cheeses preordered and available exclusively for our Club!


Our Monthly Cheese Club will be available for pickup at the cheese shop the first Friday of the month. Boxes purchased and subscriptions started after this date will be available the following month (per your selected month below).


What's in the upcoming Monthly Cheese Club?

April: Switzerland


🧀 Emmental (1/4 lb)

Milk Type: raw cow

Style: firm, Alpine style

Origin: Switzerland

Additional Info: Emmental (commonly called “Swiss” in the USA) is one of the largest wheels of cheese produced, weighing in at 200 pounds! This O.G. Swiss made in the Emmental Alps is firmer, nuttier, and less sweet than its younger, smaller “Baby Swiss” cousins made outside of Switzerland.  After an initial maturing period of 3 months, specially selected wheels are placed under controlled conditions and allowed to cave-age for another 8-9 months. The additional maturation time is what gives Cave Aged Emmental its characteristic appearance, texture, and unmistakable flavors. A classic cheese for fondue, sandwiches, and much more! 


🧀 Hoch Ybrig (1/4 lb)

Milk Type: raw cow

Style: firm, washed rind

Origin: Switzerland

Additional Info: Pronounced “hokh EE-brig”, this firm cheese is crafted similarly to Gruyere but its petite size (15 pounds compared to Gruyere’s whopping 88 pounds) creates a bold flavor profile during maturation. Affineur Rolf Beeler washes the rind during its 6+ months of aging with a local cider, lending sweeter notes to balance the intensity of flavor. Named after a ski mountain on the shore of Lake Lucerne where the cheesemaker’s grass-fed dairy is located, Hoch Ybrig showcases innovative partnerships rooted in Swiss cheesemaking cooperativeness.


🧀 Valais Swiss Raclette (Raclette du Valais) (1/4 lb)

Milk Type: raw cow

Style: washed rind, mountain cheese

Origin: Switzerland

Additional Info:  While tending to their herd, shepherds would hold wheels of cheese over an open flame til melty and scrape this cheese onto potatoes and bread for a hearty rustic meal. Raclette in French means "to scrape", giving this delicious cheese a quite literal name.  But don’t think this cheese has to be melted to be enjoy – we think it’s perfect on a cheese plate with fresh grapes, dried apricots, or smothered in peach jam. The rind is washed with brine, giving a funky aroma and sticky texture enveloping the mild, buttery, and fruity paste.  Raclette du Valais made in the Swiss Canton of the same name is the most famous of all raclette, created from ancestral methods as early as 1574! 


🧀 Blumenkaese (1/4 lb)

Milk Type: pasteurized cow

Style: Alpine style

Origin: Switzerland

Additional Info: Blumenkaese or “flower cheese”, is a hefty Alpine style cheese that sports a coat of Alpine meadow flowers & herbs including: winter savory, dill, garlic, caraway, lovage, marjoram, mint, leek, chive, parsley, juniper berries, onion, marigolds, cornflower, roses, strawberry leaves. The unique rind treatment makes each wheel unique in appearance and flavor, but the underlying cheese is supple, rich, & aromatic. Be sure to enjoy the edible herbaceous rind! 


🧀 Divina Caramelized Onion Spread (7.5 oz) – Deeply savory with caramelized onion sweetness, try on grilled cheese, burgers, or as an topping accompaniment with the cheeses in this month’s box.


🧀 Kambly Cheese Twists (3.53 oz) – Flaky cheesy crispy puff-pastry twists made in Switzerland


🧀 Swoffle Stroopwafel melty caramel stroopwafels (ok, these are US-made and Dutch in origin, not Swiss, but we think you still deserve a sweet treat!)



(Please note that cheese varieties and accompaniments noted above in the monthly boxes are subject to change at any time. We do our utmost to ensure we provide the cheese varieties listed, but unforseen circumstances may prevent our ability to do so, in which case we will substitute with an equally awesome cheese!)


Be sure to preorder your next box or sign up for a monthly subscription before they sell out!


Have a dietary restriction or food allergy? You don't have to miss out - just let us know! We can make customized substitutions as needed (e.g. gluten-free crackers).


Call us at (479) 268-5867 or order online!

Sweet Freedom Monthly Cheese Club

Price Options
One-time purchase
Monthly Cheese Club
$45.00every month until canceled
  • Monthly Cheese Club orders are available for pickup at Sweet Freedom Cheese starting the first Friday of the month.


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