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Join us on Thursday, June 13th for Raclette Night! If you aren't familiar with Raclette or haven't joined us for a Pop-Up Raclette Night, trust us - it's delicious!


Raclette is the name of a famous washed rind, mountain cheese but it also means "to scrape" in French... and that's exactly what we'll do! We place half wheels of Raclette cheese onto our Raclette machines til they are broiled and bubbly. We then scrape that melted, gooey cheese onto a traditional meal of roasted potatoes, local bread, charcuterie (cured meat), cornichons (small gherkin pickles), and pineapple.


This is a casual event - come as you are. Our raclette is served in a compostable boat and best eaten immediately while hot and gooey, although we're happy to make yours to-go on request.


Due to high demand and production capacity in our kitchen, our raclette machines are not placed out for close-up view to the public for pictures or video.


Vegetarian and gluten-free options available on request – please contact the event sponsor for dietary restriction requests prior to the event


Raclette Night

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